The Andalusían town of Benahavis is a food lovers paradise. The restaurants are fabulous but so is the tapas and the food in the bars. Even the road signs describe Benahavis as the gastronomic corner of Andalucía.

Are you looking for a great place to eat in Benahavis? If so, read on to learn about the 10 best restaurants.

1. Los Abanicos

Los Abanicos is a family run restaurant. The second-generation owners have continued to develop this traditional eatery. They serve local recipes as well as traditional Spanish dishes.

Pay them a visit and you’ll get a great welcome and dine in wonderful surroundings. Sun-dried peppers and garlic hang in strings from the wooden beams. Colored fans surround you.

Try the slow-cooked lamb. It’s probably their stand out dish but there are many more delights on the menu. Try their juicy steaks and seafood.

The portions don’t disappoint. The service is second to none. A great place for a business lunch or family celebration.

2. La Escalera

This is a restaurant for great food but with a little extra. Take a table near the street and you have one of the best views in Benahavis. They open earlier than most so arrive early and stay a while.

The service is very friendly and helpful. You may need some help with the wine menu so take their advice. The choice is extensive and you won’t feel they’ve conned you by choosing the most expensive wines.

The food of southern Spain is well represented. Try the gazpacho followed by suckling pig.

3. Amanhavis Hotel and Restaurant

Don’t feel like you can’t visit this quirky yet delightful restaurant just because you aren’t staying at the hotel. They accept diners, too.

The pan-fried foie gras is very special. Once you’ve had this starter you’ll be wanting to tell your friends.

After your starter, move on to sea bass or tuna. If you prefer meatier dishes, try the roast leg of goat or rack of lamb. The menu is kept short and everything is prepared especially for you and it shows.

4. Amigos

If you like flame-grilled meat, you’ll like it at Amigos. Vegetarians might find it a less attractive option. They take meat seriously.

The good restaurant reviews are back up by local recommendations. This means it’s probably wise to book if you want to be sure of a table.

Iberian pork, fillet steak, and lamb shoulder are among the meaty delights. Alongside your meat, you can also expect lovely fresh salads and excellent gratin potatoes.

5. Multani’s

Sometimes, a change of cuisine is a pleasant diversion even from the delights of an Andalusian diet. Multani’s is the place to go for a total flavor revolution.

If you’ve ever had the situation where some of your party fancy an Indian meal and other fancy Tex-Mex, this is the place for you. They have both options on the menu and you can even get a plain steak for any un-adventurous members of your party.

Now, when a restaurant offers such an eclectic mix of styles it’s usually best to avoid them. Here’s the exception to that rule.

This restaurant is consistently rated highly with many happy diners recommending their food, service, and ambiance. Here’s a place where the vegetarians can also find great dishes including a vegetable jalfrezi or vegetable biryani.

6. Eden

When you’re not looking for a smart restaurant and refined cuisine and you just want good, inexpensive honest food, Eden is for you.

A hamburger may not be sophisticated but it can be mouthwateringly delicious or a greasy fail. Eden has review after review that complements them on delicious simple fayre served with care.

Try the pulled pork, fish goujons or even the Sunday roast. The prices are reasonable and the service is attentive and friendly.

7. Rufino

When you take your seat in Rufino, you’ll probably be given a glass port and olives while you decide what to choose from the menu. Before you’ve committed to a choice your complimentary pate and crisp bread arrive. By now the friendliness and tasty free pre-dinner treats have loosened you up.

Choose lamb shoulder for melt in the mouth meat. It’s the specialty of the house and served with excellent chips and fresh vegetables. Don’t fill up on the pre-dinner snacks or you won’t be able to finish it.

Suckling pig is also good but let them know the day before that you’ll be ordering it. If you fancy a change from meaty dishes, try salmon cooked in Champagne or turbot.

If you have room for dessert, you’ll be shown the range of what’s on offer. You’ll probably be offered an after-dinner liquor on the house. When the bill comes, you’ll also be impressed with the value.

8. Escuela Hosteleria Benhavis

This is not a conventional restaurant. It’s actually a hospitality training school. The food reputation of Benahavis rests on the training of its chefs and hospitality workers and this school plays its part.

You can support the students and enjoy great food too at the restaurant the students run themselves. The prices reflect the fact that the students are learning but you’ll be surprised at the high level they achieve.

It’s only open for lunch on week-days but what a lunch. The menu changes constantly depending on what’s in season and what students are learning to cook.

9. Tehuelche Grill Argentino

Sometimes all you want is a delicious, simply cooked, juicy steak. The Argentine way is to keep it simple. Choose your favorite cut of meat and have it cooked to your liking over live coals.

A fresh salad is all you really need to accompany the meat. Only the brave have a starter and dessert, too.

If you must have a starter, have empanadas. They’re delicious Argentine pasties that come with a variety of fillings. The flame-grilled black pudding is also worth a try.

Desserts are best taken cold and creamy with coffee.

10. Hills Cafe & Restaurant

Going Dutch in Benahavis doesn’t mean splitting the bill. The Hills Cafe & Restaurant is a hidden gem of Dutch cuisine nestling in the hills. Enjoy the views, take a swim and relax here too.

Indonesian influences abound here. Check the specials for what’s good today. Linger over a drink after lunch while deciding what to do next in Benahavis.

Enjoy Benahavis

The cuisine of the Andalusian region is about great ingredients. Meat and vegetables from the region are the stars of the show. This ethic has been fused with other influences too so the mix on offer in Benahavis never gets boring.

As well as dining there’s much more to do in the Costa Del Sol.


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