Considered by some as the “best kept secret on the Costa del Sol”, the port of Cabopino has changed relatively little over the years thanks to the zoning and building controls in the area, which have allowed only low rise apartments and villas to be built, whilst maintaining an attractive architectural style throughout. With a lovely soft sandy beach, pretty marina, and great restaurants, this little jewel seems to have something extra special: it manages to consume you with its relaxed atmosphere the minute you pass through the arches into the harbour area.


Whether you go to Cabopino on holiday, or you have are looking to purchase your perfect home there, you certainly will not be disappointed. Not surprising that many visitors and residents call it the “Little Gem” on the Costa del Sol and here’s why.

Cabopino Beaches

Cabopino is  home to one of the most attractive beaches on the coast. The calm sea and vigilant lifeguard make this coast family friendly. The beach has a very relaxed atmosphere and is equipped with sunbeds, parasols, and many chiringuitos. Sand dunes are characteristic of the area immediately west of Cabopino and are also rather popular among the area’s nudists, so be sure to take this into account before planning a family day out to the beach! Alongside the marina, you can find many facilities offering fun activities for kids and adults alike. These include banana boats, jet skis, inflatable rings, dolphin trips, para-gliding, and so on.


Property In Cabopino

Cabopino is actually one of the most perfect expat residential areas, for the following reasons. It boasts a number of nearby new-build developments that are close to the beach, close to the main coastal highway and close to Marbella. The presence of these affordable, high quality dwellings has attracted a sizeable community of British, Irish and other northern European expats, which in turn has created a distinct sense of community as evidenced by the charming bars and restaurants that have opened over the years. You could pop out for dinner alone and bump into familiar faces, no matter what time of year.

Dining Out

Visitors are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to dining in Cabopino. The flamboyant Albert’s on the Port is a particularly popular restaurant and somewhat of an institution in Cabopino. The menu is extensive and as their mission statement reads ‘if you don’t see what you like, ask us”. How could you refuse the challenge! With its kitsch interior and splendid terrace enveloped with tropical plants, Albert’s is a winner at any time of the year. Behind the harbour lies a charming cobbled plaza, encircled with an assortment of jolly cafés and petite restaurants. La Plaza Bar is a favourite haunt for regulars to Cabopino and offers a cosy interior with comfy sofas where you can kick back and watch live sport on TV, whilst enjoying a pint of their finest lager.



Cabopino also has it’s own golf course, and the local golf scene in the area, is some of the best on the coast. Cabopino Golf is a wonderfully scenic course with lakes and a pine backdrop. The greens are large and superbly maintained and there is also a driving range for those who want to indulge in a bit of practice before heading on to the course.

Although the upmarket designer shops like Louis Vuitton and Armani haven’t quite set up shop yet, Cabopino has so much to offer. It’s a very low key with its own identity: a place that you can identify with and with boats that you can aspire to own one day in the near, or not so near future.


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