If you are making the move and buying property on the Costa del Sol then one of the main considerations is going to be healthcare for you and the family. The Spanish healthcare system has an excellent reputation and is ranked one of the best in Europe.

It is free of charge to anybody who is living and working in Spain but to be entitled to use it you must be in one of the following groups

•Have residency in Spain and be working for yourself or somebody else and be making social security payments.
•Have residency and receiving state benefits
•Be a resident in Spain and recently divorced or separated from a partner registered with social security,
•a child resident in Spain,
•a pregnant woman who is resident in Spain,
•under 26 and studying in Spain,
•a state pensioner, or
•staying temporarily in Spain and have an EHIC card

Source – http://www.expatica.com/es/healthcare/Getting-healthcare-in-Spain_101467.html

If none of these scenarios apply to you then you will have to use private healthcare companies. Here are four of the mains ones currently available in Spain

Sanitas Health Insurance (http://www.healthplanspain.com/)
This is one of the reputable private health insurance companies in Spain that provides cover for those moving into the country. They offer various plans including a Basic, Classic and Complete plan as well as the coveted Sanitas Primero. Other plans include Sanitas MAS 90, Sanitas MAS SALUD and Sanitas Premium 500. This insurance provider also offers health information and has a travel assistance program that helps those visiting Spain to get health insurance cover that meets their requirements. What’s more, they have different plans for independent (self-employed) businessmen as well as corporate members to ensure needs are uniquely met.

Expatriate Healthcare(https://www.expatriatehealthcare.com/)
This is an international healthcare insurance provider specialized in offering various types of health insurance covers to people living and working abroad. Within their three main plans you get diverse covers and suits that accommodate most needs of expatriates living and working in Spain. From optical to dental and preventive checkup, Expatriate healthcare is one of the best options for those looking for a private health insurance in Spain. Their plans include Select, Primary + and Primary all which include several benefits. This company has also been reputed for competitive prices and their quotes are quite affordable when compared with other alternatives.

IBEX Insurance (http://www.ibexinsure.com/health-insurance/health-insurance-benefits)
Ibex is particularly preferred by most people living and working in Spain because of their options and comfort. They are dedicated to providing comparisons between policies and plans to make sure those moving to Spain have an opportunity to get fast, quality healthcare without any hustle. Since the government provisions and platforms for health insurance can take time to complete and find treatment, Ibex provides a suitable option to those looking for fast care. Unlike most insurers, Ibex does not work with one company only but rather partners with several organizations to offer a broad range of choices for clients.

AXA PPP Healthcare (https://www.axappphealthcare.co.uk/international-health-insurance/)
This is yet another renowned private health insurance company in Spain. AXA PPP is a popular healthcare insurer with offices in over 34 countries including Spain. They are known to offer several options and desirable policies. They run a 24 hour support system integrated with digital tracking and online account management. It is one of the best insurance companies for people living and working abroad. They have evacuation and repatriation covers as a standard feature in all their plans and are connected to many companies and organizations to ensure their clients have a wide array of options to choose from.

Healthcare is an important topic to consider when spending any length of time in Spain and non-resident. For short visits then your EHIC card will enough to cover you for longer stays it may be worth researching a private healthcare option.

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