Leading on from our last post as too why now is the right time to buy property in Spain a leading financial guru has also chimed in with his insight into why now is a great opportunity property investment in Spain and other European countries.

The financial guru is a guy called Jim Mellon who made his reputation in the 1990’s during the transformation of Russia and continued to enjoy success after this building a fortune of around £850m.

Over a year ago he stated that the euro would slide against the pound and the dollar as the quantitative easing in both these countries effectively stopped while the Eurozone has via the European central bank start continued to pump more money into the economic structure of the region. This situation he argues made the devaluation of the Euro a safe bet.

However he is now feels that the value of the Euro against the Dollar has bottomed out and that Sterling is neither overvalued nor undervalued.

This situation he now explains makes it a great time to make investments such as property in Eurozone countries such as Spain and Germany.

Let’s be clear Mr. Mellon does not always get his predictions right after seeing the value of his property portfolio in Germany slide in 2007/2008. However he does in this instance make a credible case as to why making a decision to invest in Spanish property in 2015 could be a very wise and profitable one. His calls don’t always come on, having seen the value of his German property.

Listen to his exact opinion in this video.here –


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