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Visitors to the beautiful Spanish town of Estepona can expect a visual feast in the coming months, as the local council endeavours to transform the already charming town with an ambitious project formulated to improve nearly 400,000m2 of green zones. Their aim is to transform the parks and streets into a verdant cornucopia of natural beauty, adding splashes of colour to the whitewashed walls of the historic town’s winding lanes and it’s primary avenues.

The Estepona old town has already improved due to an on-going renovation project, that has done plenty to enhance and showcase it’s charms, and thus make it a popular residential choice, as well as increasing Estepona’s lure to tourists. It is hoped the planting scheme will continue to broaden the appeal of Estepona to homeowners and visitors alike.

The Deputy Mayor, Blas Ruzafa, explained that the project has been divided into two main phases. The first phase focuses on the public parks and Estepona’s main avenues, and will see the intensive planting of ornamental shrubs, perennials and ground cover species on more than 140,000m2 of land. The second phase, due to begin shortly after completion of the first, will focus on the improvement of more than 250,000m2 of public green spaces which are dotted around the town and suburbs of Estepona. In total more than 250,000 plants will be used in the initiative that will turn the town into a vibrant ‘garden city’.

When asked about launching the project Sr. Ruzafa said: “Public green spaces are undoubtedly widely used by citizens and these areas’ environmental value requires constant maintenance.” He also added that the majority of the plants will come from the municipal nursery, following an increase in production after renovation works and also contributing to the local economy.

The gardeners have already started work on the main Parque del Carmen and the Avenidas Litoral and Carmen, before they will move on to begin working on the rest of Estepona. This initiative beautifully complements the ‘Tree Plan’, which started in 2012 and will eventually be completed with the planting of 6,000 trees within the municipality of Estepona. Sr Rufaza said that the scheme would aesthetically enhance the town and not only make Estepona more ‘liveable’, but also increase it’s demand to tourists, making it a visually appealing environmental reference in the region of Marbella.

It goes without saying that the council’s efforts over recent years, have been highly successful in making Estepona an even more desirable place to live, with property both in the town centre and within the modern seafront urbanisations becoming increasingly popular.

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