Today, Saturday August 12th, sees the start of the Málaga Fair, or Fería de Málaga. Last night it all kicked off with an explosion of colourful fireworks that were best viewed from the beach. It’s just one of many fiestas and ferías in this wonderful region of Andalusia, taking place this August. From today until the 19th August, locals and tourists alike join in with the fun of the Málaga Fair – what are you waiting for?

Easy access to the Málaga Fair

Even better if, say, you have a nearby property in Marbella, Estepona, or Málaga – you can ditch the car and head into the city via public transport, and forget the headache of parking the car. That will be a huge problem as the hordes descend on the city for a few days of fun and sunshine – the latter is of course, almost guaranteed. Here’s the weather forecast for Málaga for the next seven days, precipitation nil!

So, dress up in flamenco frills, and join in with gusto – and be prepared for long days and endless partying. There’s lots happening during the eight days and seven nights of the Málaga fair.


Day Fair

Literally millions of people attend the Málaga fair. It’s split into the day fair, and the night fair. Both are hugely popular. If you’re wearing heels, pop a pair of flats in your bag, you’ll need them as the day wears on. The daytime fair is centred in downtown Málaga. The first celebrations took place in 1491, so it’s a pretty long-standing event. The origins of the fair can be traced back as far as 1487, the year when the Catholic kings Fernando and Isabella rode triumphantly into the city to reclaim it as a part of Catholic Spain from its Moorish occupants, The streets in the centre are beautifully decorated, and there’s lots to see. There’ll be street art, street theatre performances, and lots of food and music. There’ll be lots of sherry tasting and the opportunity to try sweet Málaga wine. Budding photographers will be spoilt for choice, with the colours of flamenco dresses, decorated streets, and more than 100 acts and performances.

FAB Property Top Tip: Be vigilant. Watch out for pickpockets as you stand around in a tight group.

Night Fair

Malagueños meet up again as night falls over the city. There are seventy-three casetas this year, little private tented areas where clubs or groups of invited guests gather. Centred around Cortijo de Torres, the cooler air is more comfortable as the night draws in. The evening doesn’t draw to a close though, it revs up with rides, food stalls, late night drinking and general full-on fun. At 11pm, there are live concerts in the municipal auditorium, and the crowds throng the streets.

Malaga fair horses

By the time the Málaga fair ends on the 19th August, you should be just about ready for a relaxing week on the beach!

See the full official Fería de Málaga programme here.



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