The summer wedding season is in full swing. A glance at Facebook on any given day shows the home page littered with confetti and cake. If you’re inclined towards saying “I Do”, then get married in Spain. We cannot guarantee happy ever after, but can more or less promise you sunshine. So if you’re thinking of getting married,  then choose Andalusia.

Getting married – the legal bit

The easiest way to do this is to get hitched in the UK, and then have your celebrations here in the sunshine. If you have property here, or are thinking of making a life here, it might be worth considering the implications and having the wedding ceremony here too.The process is difficult, but can be done with a little patience for Spanish bureaucracy. Civil marriage means applying for a certificate of permission to marry (Certificado de Capacidad Matrimonial). This has to be done well in advance. It is issued on condition that the applicants fulfill the legal right to marry and affords proof of permission to marry. Applications for civil marriages must be made to the Civil Registry, Town Hall or District Court, where you wish to marry. You’ll need 100 copies of everything and a vial of blood. (Not really, it’ll just seem that way).

There is another, easier option. Many couples take a trip to Gibraltar, and marry there instead, and then celebrate with friends and family back in Spain.

Organising the location to be married

The fun bit. Choosing a location in Spain is simply a delight. With the good weather almost guaranteed, you might opt for a landscaped garden, a soft sandy beach. Perhaps you own a  stunning Marbella villa. Imagine a flower festooned arch and white linen covered tables, with the backdrop of the Mediterranean sea. Make your day special, and one to remember, with a stunning location.

Buying the dress

You could either buy your dress back in the UK, if you trust the airline carrier to get it there in one piece. Avoid that stress, and go all out with a Spanish dress. Flamenco frills, or simply a slim creation, there are superb shopping opportunities, especially in Málaga. Check out  for creative designs for him and her, or him and him, or her and her.

The wedding planner

A wonderful way to take ALL the stress out is to use a professional wedding planner. There are lots online, and a good tip is to check out their social media pages for recommendations. They’ll organise the day to a tee, from the venue, to flowers, food, music and even your photographer. All you’ll need to do is crack open the Cava and choose from some options. Then of course, get married and live happily ever after.

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