There’s The Golden Mile, which everyone has heard of. So called because of the stretch of golden sand that runs from Plaza de Los Naranjos in Marbella’s Old Town, to the Río Verde. The Golden Mile for many is epitomised by the wealthy residents, superb beachfront Golden Mile property, and of course, the golden glow of the sun. But what about the New Golden Mile? Let’s look a little closer at the next ideal investment for your property portfolio.

Where is the New Golden Mile?

The new Golden Mile is the name given to the area that stretches between San Pedro in Marbella, right down to the eastern part of Estepona. The length of coastline is especially popular with buyers looking to invest in Andalusia. The main attractions are year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, and a relaxed lifestyle. Proximity to the airport at nearby Málaga means easy access to the dozens of budget flights per day.   Pale and tired northern European tourists arrive daily, for much needed sunshine and fun. A week or so later, they return home, tanned and relaxed.

A good investment

An investment property that is situated along the New Golden Mile is an ideal rental property, boosting funds with a second income.  Currently, it’s certainly a better place to invest than a savings account. Imagine an apartment, townhouse or villa, available whenever you need a break, that is also a nest egg for one’s future, or retirement.

A sought-after area

The New Golden Mile is certainly a sought-after and popular area, for tourists and residents alike. Careful and stringent planning has ensured there are laws against high-rise developments. Also, the area discourages from building too close to the shoreline, respecting the environment and increasing the aesthetic qualities of the area.

Tranquility of The Golden Mile

The area is popular with retired couples, families with young children, and is a tranquil place to spend holidays. Yet, the bright lights of Marbella are just a short drive away, should you require a vibrant nightlife. Perhaps you simply enjoy people-watching and celeb-spotting in nearby Puerto Banus. Popular Estepona is a traditional and quieter alternative. Read more about the advantages of an Estepona property. Properties along the New Golden Mile are convenient to the excellent beaches, shopping, restaurants, and activities such as water-sports. Golf attracts a huge number of visitors to this area, with many courses to choose from.

The New Golden Mile. Luxury, quality, and affordable. Would you like to take a closer look at property along the New Golden Mile? We’d be more than happy to show you, contact us today.


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