If you plan on living in Marbella full time or intend spending any length of time here then learning Spanish is recommended, especially if your children attend a bilingual school. Although English is more widely spoken here than in other areas of Spain it is still advisable to get to at least a conversational level so that you can fully integrate and feel part of the community and the locals will respect you for making the effort.

Due to the high influx of foreign residents to Marbella there are many choices available either with a private tutor or in a classroom via one of the language schools in the area.

Whether you are looking to get fluent, attain a good level of conversational Spanish or learn Spanish for business communicatio, Marbella has a school that can cater to your learning needs. Here are some picks to get you started. 

Enforex Courses (http://www.enforex.com/school-marbella.html)

Enforex is a chain of Spanish language schools that also has a branch in the center of Marbella. The school is located a short walk from the Maritime Promenade and the beach. Founded in 1989, the school has seventeen classrooms, and has an average 180 adults taking its courses in summer. The average adults at the school throughout the year are eighty. Six adult course levels and six junior course levels are held on average in summer. All of the school’s Spanish teachers hold a university degree, and half of them have an accredited language teaching qualification.

The Enforex Spanish language school takes learners at fourteen years and older, though some junior courses for young learner five years and older are also held. The school has a very multicultural student body, with learners from USA, Brazil, Germany, England, France, Italy, and Japan numbering high. Enforex offers part time courses, beginner courses, intensive summer camps, as well as one-to-one private lessons. Accommodation in shared flats, student residences as well as homestays is available for those interested, on no meals, half-board and full-board basis. The school also organizes leisure activities like dancing, golf and tennis as well as excursions. 

Spanish Language Center  (http://www.spanishlanguagec.com/)

The Spanish Language Center in Marbella was founded in 1988, and is accredited by the Spanish Federation of Associations of Spanish Schools for Foreigners (FEDELE) as well as CEELE (Certificate of Quality in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language). The school has another center in Quito, and their courses are recognized by the University of Alcala, known for its prestigious Cervantes Prize.

This language school offers courses for adults (over sixteen years) with small groups (of maximum eight students) for highly personalized teaching. Courses range from semi-intensive (ten lessons a week), intensive (twenty lessons a week), super-intensive (thirty lessons a week) as well as a one-to-one Spanish for business courses (forty lessons). In addition, students wishing to take the D.E.L.E. (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) can also opt for special preparation courses.

All teaching staff are native speakers, trained to teach Spanish as a foreign language. Five different levels are offered, and cultural workshops, excursions as well as leisure activities are also held. Students come from multicultural backgrounds, from all age levels. Lodging is also provided with host families and in shared apartments for those interested. 

Inlingua (http://inlingua.es/marbella/)

Yet another well-known international school of languages, Inlingua offers Spanish lessons to foreigners in Marbella. The school has more than 329 learning centers in 39 countries across the world. The school offers courses for juniors and teens as well as adults, in a small group or one-to-one basis. Courses are held in Spanish, by native speakers of Spanish. 

Lyceum Español (https://www.lyceumespanol.com/)

The Lyceum Español offers very flexible Spanish lessons for families, couples as well as individuals on a one-to-one basis. Specially tailored courses are also available for professionals, schools and companies, small and big groups as well as intermediate to advanced students. Home tutoring is available for locals, and visitors to Marbella can also opt for accommodation in villas, private apartments and homestays close to the beach. The school’s tutors are Spanish-language teachers with years of experience. Lessons offered are some of the least expensive in Marbella. Language exchanges, leisure activities, sports, learning materials are offered by the school, along with airport pickup being included in their packages.

Other schools notable for their Spanish lessons include (http://www.geos-spain.com/) which also offers flamenco and golf lessons, the Club de Conversacion Marbella (which is a club to practice your conversation and language skills) and ExpatSpanish (http://www.expatspanish.com/) which offers conversational Spanish tutorials for groups and individuals between Marbella and Malaga.

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