Are you planning to take a trip to Marbella? There are many sights to take in and activities to do, but no trip is complete without hitting the green. Marbella is one of the biggest golf spots in Costa del Sol, so there is something there that’s sure to impress you.

There are a ton of golf resorts and clubs for you to choose from and the weather is always perfect for a round. If you need a little guidance, here are ten of the best Marbella golf courses for you to pick from on your next trip to Costa del Sol.

1. La Quinta Golf Club

The La Quinta Golf Club provides a great range of challenge no matter what level of skill you have. There are plenty of water hazards and uneven fairways to keep you working at it for the whole afternoon.

The course does play a bit slow but you won’t mind because of how relaxed this Marbella course will make you. It can fit up to 100 golfers and has plenty of practice range if you’ve never played before. Also if you’ve never played but really want to learn, they offer weekend courses.

2. Marbella Club Golf Resort

This is one of the most scenic golf courses in Marbella Spain. The course poses a unique challenge that you can’t get anywhere else.

It’s found about 20 minutes away from two hotels in which the residence get exclusive tee times in the morning and afternoon. After you’re done playing, you can cool down from the bright Marbella sun in the Club House.

3. Santa Maria Golf Club

The Santa Maria is another course that is good for all levels of players. It’s located in between two valleys so the vegetation that grows there create natural obstacles.

If you want to broaden your chances of success you might want to drive through it first to see what you’re working with.

Once you’re done with the course, the country club has a restaurant and bar to wind you down from your day.

4. Torrequebarada Golf Club

Created by the famous golf architect Pepe Gancedo, each of Torrequebarada’s holes is made to have its own character.

There are plenty of water hazards to keep you busy and if you’re an experienced golfer this course will pose an interesting challenge for you. It isn’t for the faint of heart though. Newbies will find themselves tearing their hair out if they make the attempt.

Many pros like to practice at the Torrequebarada so if you’re able to tackle the challenge, that should be a self-esteem boost!

5. Las Brisas Golf Club

Las Brisas is one of the oldest courses in Costa del Sol. There are several water and green obstacles to provide a nice challenge. It’s held many world golf tournaments if that says anything.

There are several species of trees that grow there which make it basically look like a botanical garden. Once you’re done for the day you can get your stuff out of the locker rooms and relax at the clubhouse for dinner and drinks.

6. Estepona Golf Club

If you’re new to golf, this course is where you’re going to have the best experience. It poses enough challenge for veterans of the sport to be entertained but isn’t so hard that a newbie would become frustrated by it.

The customer service at this Marbella golf club is always high-quality and is what brings in a large number of guests. Like a few other of these courses, Estepona has a clubhouse that you can relax and eat in at the end of the day.

7. Aloha Golf Club

The Aloha Golf club is a private club but they do allow visitors to come in at certain times. Be warned that it poses a challenge to even experienced golfers.

If you want to be successful you’re going to have to strategize as much as the people who made it did. You have to be able to hit hard and be extremely precise to make the holes.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit. The staff is very friendly which is worth tagging along, but you should just leave the golfing to the professionals in your group.

8. Atalaya Golf Club

The Atalaya club is the headquarters of the European PGA! It gives a bit of a challenge but is perfectly friendly to newbies. It starts off easy and gets a little more challenging as time goes on but is still suitable for players of all skill levels.

The lovely olive trees will put you in a false sense of security because while they provide a cool shade, they also add to the obstacles.

9. Rio Real Golf Club

If you go to the Rio Real Golf Club you will get to have a wonderful view of the Mediterranean.

It can be a little difficult at times because the land tends to slope down toward the sea, which provides some water hazards. You have to be able to judge distances to be successful at this course so you might want to try it more than once to get a feel for it.

10. Los Naranjos Golf Club

The challenge level of the Los Naranjos varies so it’s good for people of all skill levels. That being said, it’s still no pushover. You’ll need to put a little strategy into it if you want to conquer it.

The restaurant at the club is top notch and is open from morning until night. You can have a filling breakfast in the morning before you start, and then dinner when you’re winding down for the night.

The Challenging Marbella Golf Courses

The Marbella golf courses aren’t only famous but also pose a fun challenge for golfers of all levels. If you’re going to be visiting Marbella it would be a shame for you to pass up the opportunity because even if you don’t play the sport, the restaurants and clubhouses some of them offer are worth it.

Want to learn even more about what Marbella has to offer before you go? Visit our blog for reasons why you should pay it a visit.

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