Buying a Marbella property, or anywhere for that matter, is likely to be one of the most important economic decisions you ever make, and it is imperative to calculate the additional buying costs before you buy a Marbella property, as it is not just the property price that you need to budget for. There are also some fixed expenses when it comes to the Marbella property market,  which are usually worked out according to the type and price of the property you wish to purchase.

On top of the property price, you must take into account the other expenses such as valuation, notary, registration, taxes, and advisory services. To give you an example,  a Marbella property that costs 250,000 Euros, you would need to add around 1,850 Euros for the buying costs.

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After you have decided to purchase your ideal Marbella property, you will likely be required to put down a deposit or sign a purchase agreement. If you require a mortgage, then the bank where you have applied for a mortgage will request a property valuation to clarify if the price does in fact accurately correspond to the property value, which is also convenient for the buyer too. The cost will depend on the property type and size. An average valuation can cost between 250 and 350 Euros (as an approximate).

Notary Fees

After the transaction has been agreed and the bank gives you a mortgage, the next step is that a notary has to grant the public deed of sale, or rather, certify the ownership change. His/her fees will depend on the property price, although these fees may vary, for example, if there are guarantors, the number of deed copies issued, or even the deed extension. Using the same example as above, for a property of 250,000 Euros, the notary expenses are likely to be approximately 400 Euros.

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Land Registry

Registering a deed of sale with the corresponding Land Registry –which is there to record evidence of the public document – is another expense you need to factor in. In an example like the one above, you would need to add around 350 Euros (approximate amount) to the actual property transaction expenses, to cover your land registry fees.


This is the part of the property transaction where the buyer is required to pay more. It is worth considering, that you have to differentiate between new build and resale properties. If you decide to purchase a new build property, you would need to pay 10% of VAT (25,000 Euros for the property of 250,000 Euros of the previous example given above).

For a resale property, you are only required to cover the Property Transfer tax (Impuesto de Transmisión de Patrimonio) which in the province of Andalucia is 8% (applicable to properties of up to 400,000€ )and 9% (applicable to properties with a price between 400,001€ and 700,000E), and finally, 10% for properties over 700,001€.

In both cases, regardless of whether you decide to buy a new build or a resale property, you need to add the stamp duty (Impuesto de Actos Jurídicos Documentados), which represents 1% of the property price and corresponds to the notary signing and registering the deed with the Land Registry.

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