Buyers from overseas are still flocking to buy homes in Spain, as indicated by the most recent Property Registrars figures. English expats have not abandoned their Spanish dream life despite the decline in the currency exchange rate and Brexit, meaning the Spanish property market continues to thrive. The figures exhibit that the demand for property in the second quarter of 2016 has kept on developing; the Brits were at the cutting edge, purchasing more Spanish property than foreigners from other nations. They alone accounted for 20% of the expansion and directly behind them were Germans, French and Swedish nationals.


Amid the last quarter, property demands from the Swedish, Italians and Chinese shot up fundamentally. The Brits’ interest for Spanish property has kept on climbing, ascending by very nearly 30% every year; this shows the Brexit vote (and resulting debilitating of the pound) has had far less effect than some may have envisioned. This consistent demand from such a wide variety of countries is by no means showing any signs of slowing down in the near future.

More than 14,400 property sales went through in the second quarter, which likens to an increment of almost 30% in contrast with the second quarter of 2015. Not forgetting property purchases made by the Spanish, property deals had expanded by approximately 24% contrasted with the same quarter a year ago.


Swedish buyers were responsible for just over a thousand Spanish property purchases here in Spain in the principal quarter, which is remarkable for them. The fame of Spain as a prime destination for the Chinese is additionally rising consistently, which may in some part be credited to the Golden Visa scheme on offer here. Taking into account all this information, we can deduct that Spain continues to be an ideal destination for beginning a permanent expat lifestyle in a stunning location off the Med.

The property market on the Costa del Sol – and particularly wonderful Marbella – keeps on thriving and there have been no changes there this year. Brexit may have shaken things up a little in Spain, yet the enthusiasm for this dazzling district never truly falters. People will always find it appealing to live right on the beach, or wherever they can enjoy daily staggering views of the glistening Mediterranean and other inviting sights like those the Costa del Sol brings to the table.


Marbella And The Surrounding Areas Are Still Firm Favourites

Marbella is a standout amongst the most mainstream destinations on the Costa del Sol, just like the alluring white towns and villages encompassing it. Marbella is celebrated far and wide for a broad range of reasons not least because it offers glamour, beauty and relaxation combined with countless activities and entertainment options. There is such a huge amount of things to do here, that it’s impossible to get bored!

In life, there will always be those who won’t surrender their dreams for a perfect future, whatever wobbles happen in worldwide markets. Purchasing an ideal home on the Costa del Sol is a long-standing dream for some, and there are such a large number of reasons why that is. Europe is one of the easiest continents to live on, and especially Spain due to its mild atmosphere, breathtaking sustenance and loose way of life. Who wouldn’t have any desire to live some place where a couple of hours each afternoon is devoted to rest and unwinding?


Areas like Benahavis and Estepona are particularly prominent as of late, similar to the regions toward the east of Marbella, and around the delightful Cabopino port territory. Benahavis has some staggering penthouse apartments with pool and garden views, while Estepona can offer you delightful luxury villas at affordable prices; maybe your concept of an impeccable Costa del Sol way of life would be more suited to living in a townhouse in Nueva Andalucia, overlooking one of the many stunning golf courses. Whatever your ideal home is, contact Fab Property today to help you find something that matches all of your needs!

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