Regularly when individuals who don’t live here think about Marbella, the beach immediately comes to mind. Whilst it is true that there are some gorgeous beaches here on the coast, that is not all there is on offer. Autumn in Marbella can be one of the best times to visit. Whilst you can still enjoy a day at the beach in balmy temperatures, there are some fantastic outdoor activities to explore, especially the beautiful parks! Here is a list of our favourites.


Alameda Park

Marbella has it’s own lovely desert garden in its middle, between the old town and the beachside.

The Alameda park is steeped in history, having been implicit the eighteenth century, and from that point forward it has been through numerous progressions. Today, and additionally the fountains and numerous benches catches the attention of passers by with lavish, green widely varied vegetation; it is not an enormous park, but it is sufficiently roomy to take some time out from the clamor of city life on the elaborate earthenware seats. It is sufficiently peaceful here that you will stay undisturbed, and temperatures in the park under the trees are generally cooler than those in the street. It is alluring to a wide range of people, so you can see all kinds of people here-  adolescents, families and the elderly unwinding here, and in addition sightseers wandering around Marbella.


Malaga Park

Right in the city and behind the new port, you can locate the lovely Malaga Park. Locally it is known as Parque de Málaga or Parque de la Alameda and can be found in La Malagueta neighborhood. This park has been around for over a century, however was as of late made somewhat more present day, with delightfully arranged greenhouses. It is basically an organic garden, intended for open use. It is eight hundred meters in length and loaded with semi tropical plants. Regardless of the area, the park is exceptionally peaceful; it is anything but difficult to overlook you’re amidst a bustling city.

Nature Parks

In and around the Costa del Sol you can discover a few nature parks. It might require a lengthy journey by car to reach some of them, yet the adventure is absolutely justified, despite all the trouble.


Fuente de Piedra

This residential community of around two thousand tenants is found in the Malaga area. It is around a hour’s drive from Marbella, and it known for the lovely Laguna de Fuente de Piedra, a national reserve that is home to the biggest flamingo populace in Europe. The water is said to have restorative properties.


El Torcal Nature Park

This twenty square kilometer nature park is adored around Europe for its incredible excellence and is home to the Sierra Pelada. Here you can discover a variety of pretty blooms, and the territory is appealing to numerous fowl species, from little feathered creatures to falcons, owls and even vultures.There are numerous paths, passages and rocks of all shapes and sizes, and additionally spires and towers; all of which consolidate to make a mystical setting. The scene here was made by disintegration of the stones through water and wind, a procedure that happened over a huge number of years.


El Chorro

Celebrated for its three sparkling turquoise lakes, El Chorro is found a little more than a hour’s drive from Marbella. Here you will likewise discover sweet-smelling pine woodlands and a heap of natural life.

There is a seven hundred meter high pass named Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, which in English means ‘the Gorge of the Bagpipers’. Along the length of this canyon there is a well known way by the name of El Caminito del Rey. Initially opened by `king Alfonso XIII, the path has as of late been reestablished and revived and now draws in thousands of daring thrill seekers.


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