When it comes to buying a property in Marbella, it is imperative to use a professional estate agent in order to ensure that the transaction flows smoothly and quickly. Whilst it is tempting to search for your ideal property alone as one would assume it to be straightforward, there are several factors about the process that you have likely not yet considered; this is especially true when it comes to the huge selection of property in Marbella available for purchase. Many people assume that searching for a property in Marbella on their own will give them more control over the process, but buying a property abroad means different laws, criteria and language barriers that you will be able to navigate much easier if you use a reliable agent with a trustworthy reputation.


If you want to avoid making  financial decisions that you might later regret, or missing out on great opportunities through being unprepared, it is  well worth working with an experienced Estate agent who has a thorough understanding of the market, the different areas that would suit your criteria, the local legislation and also things you need to look out for with regards to any issues that the property itself may have.

Here are a few of the crucial reasons that you should use a professional estate agent when looking to purchase your dream home in Marbella.


Professional Price Negotiation

In the event that you are hoping to buy property in Marbella, you must understand that it is amongst the most desirable areas of the Costa del Sol and there is a considerable amount of competition for quality properties here. This implies you’ll require solid negotiation abilities. If you can´t speak Spanish, then a real estate agent will be able to negotiate in the local language on your behalf. Besides, property vendors tend to prefer working with professional agents over individuals, which can go far in helping you to secure your new home.


Knowledge Of Local Laws And The Language

No one needs to need to set out on a tedious paper chase in a foreign dialect just to ensure they’re meeting all of the local criteria and laws; there is more than enough to consider while picking a property as it is! Having purchased and sold property back home, it can be so easy to assume that you already know what needs to be done. This unfortunately isn’t the case, as Spanish law can be shockingly unique.

They Will Be Able To Spot Any Issues With The Property

One of the best and most convenient aspects of using a professional real estate agent when purchasing your property in Marbella, is that they not only thoroughly understand the current property market and prices, they are also extremely experienced at spotting potential issues early. They will know the signs well, and even know about the sort of building materials used inside the property and what to look out for with regards to any potential issues with the plumbing, wiring, drainage and so on.

The agent you choose to work with will always ensure they are honest and accessible throughout the purchasing process, and they should always be proactive on the client’s behalf. It is of crucial importance to select an established, reputable Estate agent here on the Costa del Sol with an excellent reputation and track record, so that you won´t fall for any of the cons and scams that you often here about when it comes to purchasing property in Marbella.


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