We have said before, that San Pedro Alcantara is without a doubt the place to be these days. Every week there seems to be a new bar or gastro restaurant popping up and after the treacherous storms in December, the beach will also be treated to brand new walkways and a revamp. The rest of San Pedro is also undergoing major works- a result of a 2 million euro investment to make the town centre more pedestrian friendly. The main purpose of this is to make the new boulevard more accessible to those wanting to walk down from the center, without encountering huge streams of traffic.

What Is The Huge Investment Being Spent On?

The larger part of the investment for the improvement works is being spent on a new pavement, street furniture and signage for the main street in the town, as well as the entire sanitation network, telecommunications infrastructure and even a natural gas distribution network. Those who already own property in San Pedro will be pleased to hear that a new public lighting system, electricity and irrigation will be put in, to keep things looking even more vibrant even during the quieter and darker winter evenings.

Parking In San Pedro

it is a well known fact that parking can sometimes be a nightmare in any location that is popular in Spain, especially a thriving tourist destination like the Costa del Sol. So part of the renovation to the area of San Pedro Alcantara aims to completely eliminate street parking on the main street and provide more spaces elsewhere, in a bid to make the area safer for pedestrians and reduce road noise. The works have already started as of mid-February and they are expected to continue for approximately 10 months

What Does This Mean With Regards To Buying A Property In San Pedro?

Whilst it is common to assume the worst in terms of property value in light of the commotion that is taking place, these works are actually a very positive thing. Not only will the whole area be brightly lit and well maintained, there will also be much less traffic noise meaning that buying a property in the center of San Pedro Alcantara will now be a fantastic investment and buyers can still take advantage of bargain prices. There are already new apartment developments well underway and all of these come with underground parking spaces. Now that the pavements will be made wider, it also gives the opportunity for more commercial space where you can expect to see even more restaurants, bars and shops popping up. All of these factors combined equate to a steady increase in the price of property in San Pedro.

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