Spring is here and it is the time when many visitors flock to Marbella in search of their ideal property. It is also the time, when those hoping to sell their Marbella property need to start making the appropriate preparations, to ensure that their property will be as appealing as possible.

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Presentation is one of the main aspects of marketing your marbella property effectively to potential buyers. The way you choose to present your home, is entirely your responsibility and completely under your control.

Now that using the internet for those wanting to find a Marbella property is standard procedure and no longer the exception, it is of crucial importance to make sure that your property stands out from the crowd, for all the right reasons from the very start. So whether you are getting ready for a professional photographer or chosen real estate agent who you have selected to market your home, to take photos or preparing for your first viewing, it’s vital to maximise your property’s appeal to the majority of those looking- especially when it comes to such a competitive area as Marbella.

Remember, that in the current economic climate for most people wanting to purchase a Marbella property, price is key; so don’t invest in major renovation work, expecting to recoup the money upon a sale. Instead, you should make sure that all minor repairs are carried out, breakages replaced, paintwork touched up, any settlement cracks filled and that your home is presented in it’s best light.

When searching for a new property, most people are looking to take the next step up the property ladder and buy something which is better, more beautiful and more aspirational than their current abode. Therefore, your property really does need to look the part. Here are some suggestions to help you get started when it comes to selling your Marbella property.

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The first place to start, is by decluttering your home. The longer we live somewhere, the more stuff we seem to accumulate. Depersonalise your space by packing away any collections, family photos, personal ornaments and the children’s artwork which might be covering up the fridge. Potential purchasers will want to see that your property offers good storage solutions ,so throw out the clothes you don’t wear anymore to make your wardrobes look extra spacious, clear out bathroom cabinets and organise the kitchen cupboards by removing old utensils you no longer require. Whilst it is not common practice for viewers to open every single cupboard, they may ask if it’s ok to look inside a storage cupboard to see how much space there is. Donate unwanted  items to a local charity shop or hospice and aim to maximise the space available on your shelves.


Although most reputable agents try to give the owner as much notice as possible when organising viewings, impromptu clients do pass by and they want to view on the spur of the moment. If you are currently living in the property that you wish to sell, encourage family members to help keep your home clean and tidy at all times ,incase of any last minute viewings! Make sure all beds are made (even those not in use),  toys are put away, cushions are plumped, kitchen counters are clear of unnecessary appliances and bathroom vanity unit tops are free from beauty clutter. All surfaces should be wiped down and check that tile grouting, skirting boards, corners and sockets are kept clean. Pet accessories should be kept to a minimum and preferably stored outside during nice weather.

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Aim to keep the decor of your home neutral and only use accents of colour. This will help buyers work out how they would imprint their own style on the property. Avoid heavy wall colours, brightly coloured kitchens and overbearing pieces of furniture that will distract their attention. Instead, arrange key items of furniture away from the walls in a room to increase the feeling of spaciousness and avoid hiding all the walls behind artwork and furniture – you may arouse suspicion, causing visitors to think you are covering up structural issues or patches of damp.

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Make the most of the natural light flooding into each of your rooms by lifting up heavy shutters and pulling curtains back from the windows rather than artfully draping them across. This is especially helpful during the winter months when the sun is lower. If some rooms are darker than others, or it is a cloudy day, use bedside lights to make bedrooms look warm and inviting, and ensure that the lights are turned on, particularly in any windowless bathrooms, before your visitors arrive. Always try to make your property look as light and bright as possible.

If you use a good agent to help sell your property, then they normally arrive prior to their clients, to “open up” and check for any last minute aesthetic details you may have overlooked. If you are looking to sell your Marbella property, then we would be delighted to help, so please contact us here! for more information.

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