The traditional cuisine of the fishing villages of the Andalusian coast is essential to any visitors spending time in Estepona or the New Golden MileWithout a doubt, Estepona is a major attraction of the Málaga coast and it is a real pleasure to enjoy the Mediterranean diet in a prime location such as this. Perhaps you have spent a long day looking at property for sale in Estepona, or you are tired after a day walking the streets of the Old Town- if you are looking for a cheap and easy meal, then try the following places to have tapas in Estepona.

La Casa Del Rey

this wonderfully enchanting eatery nestled in the heart of the old town, is the ideal place to enjoy some authentic tapas in Estepona. They have taken great care to make your visit here a unique and authentic experience. This gastropub has tables when you can try food and an inner courtyard where you can enjoy spectacular cuisine. La Casa del Rey is where you will find from the most creative nibbles to more traditional dishes. They also have a large selection of wines and foods to try which are organised and personalised along with many surprises.


If you decide to visit El Tapeo during your tapas tour of Estepona, you will find a wide variety of tapas and sandwiches at this cozy little place. The Serrano ham and tenderloin ones are highly recommended, and the salmon with fresh cheese ones are simply delicious! However if you want to try tapas, the most spectacular ones are cuttlefish in sauce, venison and snails.

El Toque

At El Toque, Asian and Spanish cuisine are fused in an explosion of flavours that will delight customers. This bar offers the best flavours of the East with regional influences which will make visiting this bar-restaurant an experience that will not easily be forgotten.


One of Estepona´s hidden tapas gems is La Tejanita Presumida, which is found near the sea. Not only can you enjoy authentic Spanish tapas here, but you can also enjoy a variety of Tex Mex dishes. The Tejanita Presumida is a restaurant which allows you to try an assortment of appetizers – homemade croquettes, nachos, jalapeños, burgers like the Winchester 73 and fresh salads. El Lagarto and the Pluma ibéricos or the Entrecot de retinto are the house meat specialities.

Friends Bar de Tapas

Friend’s Bar de Tapas is a bar which over rides the stereotype of English gastropubs situated in the center of factories and warehouses. Here, you can enjoy unforgettable moments on a regular basis. There are authentic flavours bursts in your mouth such as paté, Andalusian ratatouille and a variety of other tapas dishes served up from their homely kitchen. The quality of meats found here are outstanding and this is the real highlight of visiting Friends bar. At weekends, you can enjoy live music and dancing after dinner, as well as free flowing cocktails!

Estepona is a town that has so much to offer- incredible and affordable restaurants, beautiful beaches and markets to find bargains, as well as all the amenities you could hope for such as large supermarkets, an industrial area with mechanics, hospitals and shopping galore. If you are considering purchasing a property in Estepona or the surrounding area, then please contact us to find out what we have available.

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