Did you just book a vacation in sunny Costa del Sol? You were probably looking forward to the laying on the gorgeous beaches and just soaking up that sun.

But Mother Nature may have a different idea in mind. If the weather forecast looks gloomy and rainy during your trip, don't panic just yet.

There are plenty of rainy day activities that can keep you busy when the sun won't shine. It doesn't matter if you're into history, food, animals, nature, or art--there's sure to be something you'll love.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover 8 awesome indoor activities in Costa del Sol.

1. Visit a Museum

The Costa del Sol region is jam-packed with history. If you'd like to learn a little more about the city you're in, then check out a museum.

Many cities have their own museums dedicated to the local history, so start there. If you are willing to travel (or you happen to stay in Malaga City), consider stopping in to see La Termica. It's unique combination of wall exhibitions and special cultural events makes this a must-see.

Foodies will love Colmenar's Museo de la Miel (honey museum) and Antequera's Museo Dcoop (olive oil museum). And science-lovers can't miss the Centro de Ciencia Principia in Malaga City.

If you're interested in seeing some great art, consider visiting the Museo Picasso or the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo, both located in Malaga City.

2. Watch a Show

Are you more interested in the performing arts than visiting an art museum? Then be sure to grab some tickets for the Black Box Theater in Marabella.

You can find shows in Spanish, English, or German, so you can enjoy a show in your native language. Classes and events also take place here, so be sure to check their website to stay up-to-date.

If you're not ready to leave when the show is over, stop by their cafe. You can sip a nice glass of wine and listen to some live jazz to end the night on a relaxing note.

3. Check Out a Church or Cathedral

It seems that almost every area of Europe is full of stunning churches and cathedrals. And Costa del Sol is no different.

If you really want to be wowed, head over to Seville. They have the largest gothic cathedral in the world, simply called the Seville Cathedral.

Not only is this a site to see, but it's located right next to the Alcazar and Archivo de Indias. These three sites perfectly represent the Spanish "Golden Age" and together were named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cordoba's Mosque-Cathedral is another great stop. As the name suggests, it was used as a place of worship for Muslims and Christians at the same time.

4. Explore a Cave

If you enjoy nature, you probably think you're out of luck on rainy days. But the Costa del Sol contains several caves that are ready to be explored.

La Cueva de Nerja houses the largest stalagmite in the world and has a visitor chamber that stretches for five kilometers. If you don't feel like traveling to Nerja, Rincon de la Victoria's Cueva del Tesoro and Benaojan's Cueva de la Pileta are also great options.

5. Learn How to Ice Skate

Do you want to try something new while on vacation? If you've never ice skated before, now is your chance!

Benalmadena's Club de Hielo is a 900 square meter indoor ice skating rink. Of course, there is more to do if you don't want to ice skate. There's also an 8-lane swimming pool, a kid's pool, and a gym.

If you're not ready to leave when you get hungry, there is a cafeteria on site.

6. Hit the Aquarium

While you're in Benalmadena, don't forget to take a trip to the Sea Life Aquarium.

There are 36 tanks which house over 5,000 marine animals, including sharks, rays, and giant turtles. This is the perfect option for those traveling with kids, as they'll stay mesmerized all day.

7. Get Surrounded by Butterflies

Are you more interested in colorful land creatures than those that dwell under the waves? Then consider visiting the Mariposario Benalmadena Butterfly house.

This enclosed house contains over 1,500 butterflies that come from all over the world. They are free to flutter about inside the large enclosed dome, meaning you'll get to walk among them. Keep your camera ready because one just may land on you.

8. See the Dolmenes de Antequera

If you didn't get enough history at the museums and churches, you can't miss the Dolmenes de Antequera. This archaeological site is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It's dated to be about 5,000 years old and is one of the best megalithic complexes known in Europe today. There are three different sites that make up Dolmenes de Antequera: Menga, El Romeral, and Viera.

The structures are enclosed, so you'll stay dry at each site. However, you may get a little wet while traveling between them.

The best part? You can explore this piece of history for free!

The Best Rainy Day Activities in Costa Del Sol

Don't let a little rain stop you from enjoying your stay in Costa del Sol. Just check out some of these amazing rainy day activities to keep yourself entertained and dry. From history to art, Costa del Sol really does have something for everyone.

Do you want more ideas? Then check out these can't-miss activities in Costa del Sol today. If you're not sure you can leave when vacation is over, don't forget to look out our property listings in Marbella and beyond!