The Costa del Sol is firmly in the mind of the Global Real Estate Institute, in it’s appraisal of Coasts and Islands: What and where to invest outside Madrid and Barcelona. It is a well known fact that both holiday makers and expats alike, are naturally drawn towards the sea, and the Costa del Sol, which is considered to be a jewel among the various Spanish coasts, is seeing the number of both commercial and personal property investors rising with gusto over recent years.

Lately, foreign buyers have been quick to take advantage of great opportunities presented on the New Golden Mile, just east of Estepona, where a renovated ground floor apartment would give them direct access to Hacienda Beach – an excellent first line beach location. Buyers also saw Estepona as the perfect place to buy for example; a recently refurbished 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, first floor apartment within a short walking distance to the Port, convenient for its famous fresh fish restaurants and choice of bars situated along the portside terraces, at a fraction of a price of prime locations such as Puerto Banus. Particularly popular in Estepona, is the area known as Mar Azul, literally Blue Sea, offering beautiful beachside modern apartments.

Spain´s 4,964 kilometres of coastline, are a natural location buyers are drawn to, as well as to the more mountainous inland territories several kilometres inland, boasting terrific views of the blue horizon. These privileges continue today, providing residential tourists, serious property buyers and beach-bound holidaymakers with year-round resorts open, water-based activities, attractions and events. This is reflected in an increase in the number of house building permits and level of construction activity the country is undergoing.

In it’s attempt to increase coastal and island tourism, the European Commission defines coasts in geographic and social terms: “Those bordering the sea or having at least half of their territory within 10 kilometres of the coast. Seaside tourism is the economic backbone of many coastal regions and islands in Europe.”

Features of the EU´s Blue Growth Strategy include further investment in beach-based tourism (swimming, surfing, windsurfing, etc.), and recreational activities including aquariums; while maritime tourism based on collaboration and partnerships with port, marina, cruise operators and other sea-borne specialists will boost the Costa del Sol´s boating, yachting, cruising and nautical sports services, including year-round land-based facilities for chartering, manufacturing equipment and hire.

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