Why live in Marbella? The reasons are endless and varied. A huge number of expats flock to the Costa del Sol and set up home in popular areas like Benahavis and the New Golden Mile. The scenery and dramatic landscapes of Marbella are a noteworthy contributing factor to its allure, gracing the seaside town with one of nature’s absolute best endowments. The stunning views available in and around Marbella are exceptionally breathtaking; and they are largely responsible for bringing so many visitors and expats to the area. Who wouldn’t to wake up to such elating views every day?

As well as being a haven for nature, there is likewise a growing artistic vibe in Marbella. This can be found in the way the town has been built; aside from in its architecture, it is also noticeable in the subtle elements of the white-washed, interesting avenues. The cobbled winding streets are enhanced with brightly coloured flowers of all different kinds; the hues join together to make a vivid pop against the white foundation.

This idyllic scene is supplemented by the numerous luring bistros and eateries, from which smells leak out into the road, convincing passers by to take a load off and enjoy the assortment of fragrant and flavorsome culinary pleasures. The lanes are likewise sprinkled with boutiques.

Marbella Has Numerous Different Facets

Marbella Old Town has held its appearance, style and appeal throughout the years. It is the perfect place for a lazy afternoon spent mooching around the numerous wonderful buildings, little boutique shops, and awesome tapas bars. The centre and crux of the old town is known as ‘El Casco Antiguo’ and it has a conventional Spanish feel about it. The well known Orange Square can be found here, where each parasol is orange, the region is peppered with orange blossoms and you can get a mouthwateringly-sweet, naturally pressed orange juice to quench your thirst.

Where Marbella old town is for peace, unwinding and tradition, the more up to date zones of Marbella like the Golden Mile and Nagueles are notorious for being glitzy and glamorous. This is the side of Marbella that comes to mind when people discuss its charm, sophistication, culture and all the richness that runs with it. If you have been searching for buzzing nightlife, entertainment and excitement then look no further than nearby Puerto Banus. What’s more, you can discover magnificent properties available for sale at excellent prices in the surrounding areas of Marbella. With these numerous features, Marbella has something to offer everybody, especially families.


Learn To Dance Flamenco

There are heaps of spots to learn it and countless places to flaunt your technique, and on the off chance that you just want to sit back and watch the masters strut their stuff, you will be spoilt for choice.


Climb La Concha

La Concha is the mountain that made Marbella popular, and climbing to the summit ought to be on everybody’s schedule when they visit Marbella. The views from this stunning mountain range are unbeatable; from up there, you can cast your eyes over the entireity of this wonderful city to bask in its glory, before going down to sea level to indulge yourself in some of the other delights Marbella has to offer.

There’s always something going on in Marbella, which is why many people from all around the world want to be here all year round. This also accounts for the increasing interest in luxury properties for sale in and around Marbella, and as prices are slowly but steadily increasing, now is the time to snap up a bargain!

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